picture of Angelica


Organize Rescue's Angelica Holiday is a natural born organizer. From an early age, Angelica's Barbie dolls were the best organized in the neighborhood. Harnessing the benefits of ADHD, she has a 360 degree sight that helps clients to get to their organizing goals faster and more efficiently.

Angelica has dynamic organizational intelligence. She sees homes and offices with a keen eye for hidden potential. Her passion for finding places for everything of value and eliminating the overflow is endless.

Angelica's many rich life experience has lead her to be a guiding light for many. Clients include tax accountants, therapists, real estate brokers, silicon valley entrepreneurs, retailers, housewives, medical professionals, investors throughout the US.

One client says...."Angelica came to my rescue on many levels. She taught me that there are a multitude of ways to organize my space and my life. I am most grateful for her insight and intelligence." I couldn't believe my good fortune to rediscover so many valuable assets in my life."

Angelica is a graduate of the school of life and other people's clutter. Angelica is a frequent volunteer to the American Cancer Society of which she is a survivor.


The Simple System focuses on the clarity you can achieve with Angelica's dynamic guidance. Your life is presently in a muddle and a mess. You aspire to seeing clearly that which is tripping you up and weighing you down. A simpler, more peaceful life is on the horizon.

The Simple System is as individual as the client themselves. Once the initial survey is made, the system's inventory will guide and manage your expectations. A strategic plan is created and launched to serve your emerging organized life assets. Your unique design is both immediate and long term. Once evaluated, your new values will be your prize. The rewards of clarity, perspective, focus and more time will be yours.